life goes


chronicles of
Russo-Ukrainian war
What is "Life Goes On" project?
“Life Goes On” is a non-profit Finnish-Ukrainian art project about the war in Ukraine through the eyes of young artists.

Our goal is to give a platform for young Ukrainians to depict their experiences of the war through art. While air alarms and missile attacks have become the new normal, life goes on: children are being born, coffee shops are working, people go about their everyday lives. While some things are left behind, we also want to look at the future, asking how to rebuild the country and the youth’s trust in the future.

Our team

Ida-Emilia Reini
Project coordinator

Trained in literature, happily lost in ethnography. Creating and analyzing texts and photos.

Serhii Varlamov
Multimedia artist

Diver in the world of analogue photography and Ukrainian culture resercher.

Sofiia Homin
Photographer, author

Passionate text editor and picture taker. Making the storytelling work.